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Did your jaw drop when you saw the T5 for your last tax return?

If the answer to any of this is yes..

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About Our Office

I provide virtual cloud accounting and tax services to business owners and individuals. I’m a Chartered Professional Accountant with more than a decade of experience in small and medium enterprises. I’ve completed the CPA Canada In Depth Taxation Program. I’m a Xero certified advisor.

If you need bookkeeping, accounting, and tax, I can help.


Our Services


Business Taxes

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In addition to your bookkeeping and accounting needs, I can assist with all of your usual tax compliance requirements, as well as advanced tax issues:

1) Special Elections and Transfers

2) Ensuring your business is sale ready

3) Ensuring you can pay tax free intercorporate dividends

4) Trust accounting and tax returns.

I do not prepare Quebec or US tax returns nor do I advise on tax issues related to these jurisdictions. I can provide referrals to other excellent professionals who can help.


Personal Taxes


If you’re a business owner, or are looking to get your personal taxes filed, I can assist with:

1) Employed income

2) Residential and commercial rental

3) Self-employed business income

4) Tax returns for deceased individuals

5) Trust and estate planning

6) Emigration and immigration returns

7) Sale of property by a non-resident

I can assist where you have Quebec employment income and are filing as an Ontario resident.


Accounting Firms


If you’re a firm owner who is in need of short-term assistance, whether it is file-preparation, staff training, process development, T1/T2/T3 preparation (including SR&ED), tax return review, or other assistance, contact me about my per-diem rates.


Let’s See How We Can Work Together



Brian has helped me with many tax issues, and he is always responsive, responsible and willing to share his extensive knowledge to ensure clients’ interests are protected. I have referred a number of clients to him with absolute confidence that he will help them in a friendly and professional manner. He has a way of taking complicated information and making it more manageable, which I greatly appreciate.

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Lynne Forgette, CPA, CGA

Principal | Lynne Forgette, CPA Professional Corporation

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Brian is a very focused individual who can handle large problems and logically break them down both towards a solution as well as to help communicate effectively to a variety of audiences. His communication skills and team work helped defuse problem clients and staff as well as ensure an excellent team cohesion with his colleagues.

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Adam Mallory

Tehcnical Vice President | Huawei Technologies Canada


June 28, 2022

Stop the Year End Hangover!

One of the great things about being a business owner and having to sort out the running of a business is I get to experience some of the headaches and pains that my clients dealt with when I was an employee. Like paying their taxes. When I started as a baby accountant, we would often get cheques from clients, and then send them on to appropriate CRA tax centre. Of course, we would have to make sure things got sent when they were supposed to, and we sent what was supposed to be sent. Not to mention hanging on to…

June 14, 2022

Walk! Don’t Run!

My fiscal year ended May 31. On June 1, I filed my Corporate Tax Return and HST. Since I use Xero for my accounting and TaxCycle for my tax returns, I was able to sync my books directly to my tax return and then add capital assets (Schedule 8), and my shareholder loan info (Schedule 11). I was able to do this because I spent a bit of time on a regular basis to ensure my accounts were reconciled, and that things were where they needed to be. In fact, in my own books, I needed to make 2 year-end…

November 19, 2021

The Building Blocks of Your Business

Good accounting starts with good bookkeeping, and good bookkeeping starts with ensuring the transactions are accurately recorded as soon as possible. Whether it’s issuing an invoice, tracking a payment, buying a new computer, a restaurant bill, or payroll, regular and ongoing bookkeeping will allow you to keep track of your financial position. Cloud accounting has advanced and providers such as Xero allow for significant automation of the bookkeeping, which means you have regular access to your financial position and the records to support them. I can help make sure that the information is reliable and relevant to your needs, rather…
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