November 19, 2021

The Building Blocks of Your Business

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November 19, 2021

Good accounting starts with good bookkeeping, and good bookkeeping starts with ensuring the transactions are accurately recorded as soon as possible. Whether it’s issuing an invoice, tracking a payment, buying a new computer, a restaurant bill, or payroll, regular and ongoing bookkeeping will allow you to keep track of your financial position.

Cloud accounting has advanced and providers such as Xero allow for significant automation of the bookkeeping, which means you have regular access to your financial position and the records to support them. I can help make sure that the information is reliable and relevant to your needs, rather than dropping off a leopard print bag filled with unsorted receipts for your year end. So, no more December or February rush to figure out what your salary or dividends will look like, and no surprises at tax time.

When you work with me to ensure a consistent, incremental approach, you’ll lay the foundation to grow your business and expand. You’ll be able to see the options available, make decisions faster, and then evaluate and adjust your course of action. And because you’re paying a set monthly price, for the level of service you need, I’m not running a clock when you call me, and there won’t be any surprise bills.

If you feel that your bookkeeping, accounting, and tax experience is a roller coaster, and you’d rather take the train, set up a time to chat with me


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Brian K. Hlady

Chartered Professional Accountant

CPA Canada In Depth Taxation

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